The project “Global Poverty and Us” will focus on the divided society we live in. Italy, Portugal,Poland,Turkey , Lithuania and Romania will partecipate with students aged 8-15. The recent economic crisis and subsequent tightening of public finances have worsened the situation for many families in Europe. The main idea is to improve students’ awareness of the increasing problems related to new poverty.

Students will meet and interact with elderly, homeless, migrant and  unemployed people. They will also encounter groups of people with physical and learning  disabilities in order to broaden their horizons on how to include these groups in our common society. We will start with a survey of the students’ pre-knowledge and personal experience of the divided society. We will analyze the situation in each country, compare the results and discuss how the different problems are dealt with.

The results will  also be presented on a social web site, created especially for the project. The older students will also present the outcomes in face-to-face interactions during the scheduled project meetings and  to local boards. This involvement will contribute to increase young people’s will to include these groups into society and fight poverty.

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